Our Ethos

What Motivates Us

We started MontaRosa in 2008 during a global leadership crisis. Companies, boards, and executives were questioning the ability and even integrity of their leaders, and it was clear that a different approach to hiring was needed. We are proud to have been instrumental in the turnaround of several global companies by helping them find the right leadership at the very highest levels, and we continue to be the long-term trusted talent advisor to major organizations as well as career advisors for many key executives. 


What has set us apart throughout the life of the firm is our genuine, long-term relationships with extraordinary talent, our bespoke approach, and our determination to get the job done on our client’s behalf, using any resources necessary. Our clients know that we are relentless and committed.


Some clients come to MontaRosa knowing precisely what they’re looking for in a new hire —in those cases, we put our energies towards identifying the best candidates to fit within budgetary and organizational constraints. In other cases, clients present us with a business need and look to us to help identify talent with the right mix of skills and experience to be a true change-maker. One of our specialties is placing executives with long track records of success in surprising roles where they can continue to stay challenged in their careers, while providing new perspective to the boards and leadership teams they serve. Core to both approaches is a focus on problem solving and on finding practical, yet exceptional, solutions to our clients’ business needs.

- Kelvin & Jodi



Small by design / Unparalleled relationships / People-centered approach

Small by design

Our size and operating model are designed to enable us to bring a distinctive level of focus and urgency to every engagement. We work with a select group of clients and mobilize the resources of the entire firm at the beginning of each search to ensure that knowledge is shared across all our networks, and that we can drive towards a solution as quickly as possible. We commit ourselves to closing every search to the client’s satisfaction, regardless of the resources required to get there.  We often provide ongoing, informal counseling to clients to ensure that when a search next comes along, we can hit as close to the mark as possible.


Unparalleled relationships

We believe that high-end talent needs are most often filled through genuine personal relationships, not databases, and MontaRosa’s advisors have spent decades building and nurturing professional networks that include world-class executive talent. The top candidates for searches are often already either known to us personally, or can be introduced to us through first degree contacts. This allows us not only to get to the right answer quickly, but to take an informed point of view on the fit of each candidate for the job at hand. 


A people-centered approach

We take the time to learn about what motivates top leaders and dealmakers, and where their goals lie; we regularly advise sought-after executives on their career transitions, irrespective of whether we have a relevant search underway. The depth and longevity of these relationships gives MontaRosa unparalleled access to talent—even a candidate whom our client believes to be unavailable will typically respond to our inquiries. True insight into their goals and concerns also helps us to make the most persuasive case on our client’s behalf, and to assess whether the candidate’s personal and professional interests truly match up with client needs for a good long-term fit.