Our ethos

Access to the right talent

Pioneering best practices in knowledge capture of executives and their skills-base, we combine qualitative assessment with quantitative performance metrics to both identify and assess superlative talent. We provide unparalleled access to the communities that will define and lead best practices in this era of leadership, and in the future. 

What makes us different is our relentless pursuit for excellent client service. We are constantly questioning and improving our ability to efficiently and confidentially bring the right talent to the table for our clients.  

We pride ourselves on the ability to reach into and bring deep talent knowledge in every sector in global financial services, consumer, technology and private equity.



We started MontaRosa in 2008 during a global leadership crisis. Companies, boards and executives were questioning integrity, grit and ability in their leaders.

As we look back on our hundreds of successful placements since our founding, we are most proud of the fact that we have been a part of the turnaround in several global companies from the board to the CEO and direct report levels.

We have also needed to adapt and change in order to stay relevant in the marketplace. We are a genuine part of implementing leadership trends that are changing the world including placing female operating talent and board leadership, socially conscious executives, and truly strategic operating talent.

One of our specialties is taking a hard-charging executive with proven performance metrics of success, and placing them in a surprising role where they can continue to stay challenged in their career, and provide new perspective to the board and leadership teams they serve.

Our ethos is access to extraordinary talent. Through this talent we can better serve our clients because we know who will be the extraordinary hire. In addition to the current sitting c-suite of executives, we relentlessly strive to know the next generation of leadership as they will be our clients and placements in the very near future, not to mention the key decision makers in board rooms across the globe.